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Android Phone

My latest article is a product review because I am desperate for a decent mobile phone and need something which is fast on the internet, good with applications and I have been informed an Android phone is the way to go. If you are like me and you make money online you will also want a windows mobile to constantly update statuses, comments and emails.

I will be travelling next year and this is even more important that I have apps such as wildfire to run my social network, which a HTC Wildfire I would be able to create contests, quizzes and coupon offers to promote to more people.

Here I have listed some of the best HTC smart phones and given a brief description of the features to help you and me decide which one is most suitable and cost effective. I chose the HTC brand to talk about because they seem the most professional for work purposes as seen in the video below, also, my friends have mentioned that they can be picked up for good prices.

HTC HD 2, HTC Legend and HTC Hero

HTC A6262 SmartPhone
Amazon Price: $899.99
HTC Legend A6363
Amazon Price: $299.99
Sprint HTC Hero Touch Screen Android Smart Phone
Amazon Price: $139.00

In the Amazon capsules above I have included the HTC HD2 and HTC Legend, both of which are cell phones with great internet capabilities.

The HTC HD2 has a 4.3 inch screen with magnificent resolution and email, SMS, phone logs and even Facebook updates are all grouped together to help you interact easily with clients.

The HTC Legend has powerful social networking, group communication (conference calls), and selection of widgets. There is an online library of widgets that allows you to group together and bring whoever your communicate with to the surface instantly.

In the capsule to the right I have put the HTC Hero that is up to date with the latest software ‘HTC sense’ which acts your own personal guide when travelling because it accesses the local maps, weather and time where you are headed.

HTC Touch & HTC Rose

HTC myTouch 3G Unlocked Android Phone
Amazon Price: $149.99
HTC Tattoo Unlocked Android Phone with 3MP Camera, WiFi and GPS--International Version with Warranty (Graphite)

Amazon Price: $229.99

List Price: $319.99

HTC S743 Rose Unlocked Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1, MicroSD Slot, Media Player, and Video Capture/Playback--U.S. Version with Warranty
Amazon Price: $99.99

From what I can see in advertisement for the HTC Touch P3452, it is a phone similar to Blackberry functionality. It allows you to chat with friends on MSN messenger, utilise the power of Windows mobile 6, use Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) and all this in the compacted design of 0.54 inches thin and 4 ounces.

The HTC Rose is a lightweight sliding keyboard smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1. It uses Opera mini internet browser and 3G technology provides a fast surfing experience which won’t leave pages lagging or with missing content.

Remember that Amazon also provides a wide variety of used and reconditioned mobile phones in the latest models so if you can’t afford the best technology but it is vital that you have it for work then this is another option.

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